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Increasing Efficiency for the Bacon Production Industry

We understand that having to buy and install new equipment interrupts your business operations, and the cost of that new equipment adds up quickly. Even if you don’t have to entirely replace products, it’s still difficult to find skilled labor to repair them. After years of having to continuously replace or repair your meat processing equipment, you need a solution that will last.

Reliable Process Solutions for Your Bacon Products

Get Bent Fabrication produces strong, ergonomic meat processing equipment that is designed to replace poorly created products in need of continuous repair or replacement. Founder Kyle Petty worked in bacon production for over 10 years using these products that his customers now rely on, so he understands the importance of durable and easy-to-clean equipment for the bacon production process. With this industry knowledge, Get Bent Fabrication provides more than just high-quality products—they help provide solutions for the bacon process, start to finish.

Heavy-Duty Bacon Hanger

Get Bent Fabrication’s bacon hanger is unique in its one-piece metal frame design. This style eliminates welded prongs that eventually break off, which in turn creates long-lasting hangers and a greater return on your investment.

Meat Processing Equipment for Commercial Pork Production

We’re committed to providing reliable solutions throughout the entire production process. Check out our comb holder, hydraulic tanks, trees and vats to elevate your current production.

The Get Bent Advantage Over Other Meat Processing Equipment

The one-piece metal frame design of our bacon hanger drastically increases durability
Increased durability means having to replace your processing equipment less often, which saves you money and time
No welded pieces on the bacon hanger means easier product cleaning
Our products are designed by someone with over 10 years of hands-on experience in the bacon production industry
When used correctly, our products should last 10+ years

See for Yourself — Request a Product Sample

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